Wordle October 2008

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Happy Halloween

I hope everybody has a happy and safe Halloween night. Locally, this actually means a lot more here this year.

Last month, a note was found on the local college campus that said 2 things were going to happen:
1) That a car window would be broken that night at a local movie theater. That did happen.
2) On Halloween night, somebody on Green Street (the main street in Campus Town where most of the campus bars are located) would be shot.

A car window isn't that serious. But threatening to shoot somebody takes on a totally different tone. The FBI has been brought in on this case. And while driving through the campus area last night, I did notice a few more patrol cars driving around. It is sad, that it has come to this, but there are plenty of sad individuals out there. Hopefully the second threat will never come true, but for somebody to have written this, left it in a public place to be found and then follow through on the first threat is a cry for help.

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Hump Day Chat Group

I spend a lot of time reading and posting on the CMG (Collectible Medium Green) message board. Another feature that I like is the chat room. I do spend a lot of chatting at a gay website. I also use Yahoo Messenger quite a bit to keep in touch with some friends. But the CMG chat is different. For the most part, we are all frequent posters on the message board. We also have a common thread, we love our dishes. But I have never met one person from the message board. Thanks to the annual conference (and other means) some of them have met each other. So the chat room takes it to the next level for those of us who have never met. Reading and replying to posts is not the same as actual chat.

We started of with Sunday night chats. It is a good night for most people, but not everybody could make it. Lately we have added Wednesday nights. The turnout on Wednesday nights has been very good. I have been chatting up a storm with quite a few of the regulars and every week it seems we get 1 or 2 new people! :) The conversation runs anywhere from Fiesta, Harlequin and other dishes to well, sometimes the conversation can get x-rated. LOL It is all in fun, as long as nobody has anything agains tit, it is all good! :)

So all of the fellow CMGer's that read my blog (all 5 of you LOL) please feel free to jump in on Sunday and Wednesday nights!

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deja vu, over and over and over

Does this sound familiar???

Get the latest news satire and funny videos at 236.com.

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The last 8 years hasn't been very kind to the Budweiser Wassup guys.

Original Commercial......and 8 years later!

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New and Exciting Times For Fiesta

In the upcoming months, I think it will be a very exciting time for Homer Laughlin with their new additions to the Fiesta line. Recently we saw the release of the another new color which is based upon a Vintage Fiesta color, Ivory. While the color probably wouldn't make the most spectacular looking table setting if it was the only color, the beauty behind Fiesta though is the versatility of the multi-hue palette. Ivory is one of those colors that makes the other colors pop and take center stage. The same will probably be said about the next new color to be coming out, Chocolate.

From the pictures we have seen so far, Chocolate looks to be similar to a creamy chocolate color. The color will really pop against Turquoise, Sunflower, Tangerine, Rose and Ivory. I also have a feeling it will look great with Chartreuse and Persimmon. And Chocolate will add a very beautiful touch to any Fall/Harvest/Thanksgiving table. The color is supposed to be released in mid-November, 2008, just in time for Thanksgiving!

And lastly, HLC has been listening to their customers and came up with a new design to compliment the Fiesta line. Square Fiesta contains some of the same art deco lines as regular Fiesta, but the overall design is more square in shape. This line of dishes won't be released until March, 2009, so I will hold my reviews until then. But I think this will add a very exciting touch to this iconic line of dishes. Hopefully it will just add more customers to the already popular tableware!

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Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

Up until a few years ago, I had never been a Harry Potter fan. I had never read a book or seen a movie. While I was with D, I started watching the movies. I have seen most of the movies, but I have need to see at least 1 of them yet. I still haven't read any of the books, which is a shame because I love to read.

Here is the new trailer for the latest HP movie to come out. The movie was supposed to be out this winter but has been pushed back to next summer. The trailer looks awesome! I can't wait for the movie. It looks very promising so far!!!

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The all new lowness that the campaigns have come to...

This story is just so unbelievable and still so sad. If you haven't heard all of the info yet, After the jump, I copied the text from Joe.My.God. Honestly, I am so over this already that I couldn't even type my own text up for this. Thanks Joe.

Yesterday the exec VP of Fox News said: “This incident could become a watershed event in the 11 days before the election. If Ms. Todd’s allegations are proven accurate, some voters may revisit their support for Senator Obama, not because they are racists (with due respect to Rep. John Murtha), but because they suddenly feel they do not know enough about the Democratic nominee. If the incident turns out to be a hoax, Senator McCain’s quest for the presidency is over, forever linked to race-baiting.”

Well, I guess it's over for McCain then.
Police sources tell KDKA that a campaign worker has now confessed to making up a story that a mugger attacked her and cut the letter "B" in her face after seeing her McCain bumper sticker. Ashley Todd, 20, of Texas, initially told police that she was robbed at an ATM in Bloomfield and that the suspect became enraged and started beating her after seeing her GOP sticker on her car. Police investigating the alleged attack, however, began to notice some inconsistencies in her story and administered a polygraph test. Authorities, however, declined to release the results of that test.

Investigators did say that they received photos from the ATM machine and "the photographs were verified as not being the victim making the transaction." This afternoon, a Pittsburgh police commander told KDKA Investigator Marty Griffin that Todd confessed to making up the story. The commander added that Todd will face charges; but police have not commented on what those charges will be.
It's been so very fascinating watching this story unfold on Free Republic. It was like being inside the collective hive mind of a drone colony of wingnuts. Here's how the collective saw Ashley Todd's story:

Hour One, Outrage: "Damn! Poor girl! I hope they catch the fucker and FRY HIM!"
Hour Two, Blame: "This is Obama's fault. Remember how he asked his supporters to get into everybody's face?"
Hour Three, Predictions: "This heinous and brutal mutilation is just a tiny sign of the widespread debauchery, violence, and perversion that will overtake the country when Nobama's socialist-marxist-communist-fag administration takes over. IT'S A SIGN, PEOPLE."
Hour Four, Satisfaction: "Can you believe those pigs at Kos and DU are calling this a hoax? Guess they don't like their Savage Leader calling on the brothers to give us a taste of what's coming BEFORE the election. Sorry Commies, you screwed this one up."
Hour Five, Planning: "McCain needs to get this Todd girl on the campaign trail. Her beaten and Barack-scarred face would show this country exactly the sort of ghetto filth that their Messiah will unleash on the rest of us."
Hour Six, Dismissal: "The Pittsburgh cops say they're suspicious of Todd's story. Figures that inner city cops are covering up for this gruesome attack on a poor white girl."
Hour Seven, Hope: "McCain and Palin have already called Ashley to express condolences. Let's hope the Ashley Todd ads are being made as we speak. Ashley is our Willie Horton!"
Hour Eight, Anger: "The liberal elite MSM is casting doubt on the story. Why is anybody surprised? You can bet if this was a black girl with an "M" carved in her face this would be on EVERY CHANNEL."
Hour Nine, SnopesZone: (This hour was consumed with dozens of traded theories on exactly how a person gets a backwards "B" carved into her face with little damage. People claiming to be ER doctors and plastic surgeons weigh in to SWEAR that Todd's wound's are "totally consistent" with her story.)
Hour Ten, Suspicion: "If this IS a hoax you know this girl was planted by leftists to make us look bad. What's her background? Why did she just get to town? OMG! On her MySpace she friended RON PAUL!"
CONCLUSION: "Obviously Ashley Todd was part of a very well-run campaign to discredit McCain. Congratulations are due to MoveOn for this one. Don't expect to the MSM to investigate this OBVIOUS plant by the Obamacons."


The hilarious photo was created by Gawker commenter Fetys.

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Being Lazy (Halloween Edition)

What Your Jack-o-Lantern Says

  • You are a gleeful, exuberant person.
  • You enjoy a good party, and you even enjoy a good brawl.
  • This Halloween, there is no question what you should be... a pirate!
  • The candy you should give out: peanut butter cups

The Jack-o-Lantern Quiz

You Are a Little Scary

  • You've got a nice edge to you. Use it.

How Scary Are You?

You Should Be a Werewolf

  • You are seen as a bit tough and quite unpredictable. You follow your impulses.
  • You see Halloween as a time you can go a little crazy.
  • You love to scare people, and people are quite scared of you.
  • You tend to be intimidating - and not just on Halloween!

What Classic Halloween Costume Should You Wear?

Halloween Horoscope for Gemini

  • Halloween is a huge party for you, except you're never really sure what to go as.
  • No matter what, your costume will make people's eyes pop out of their heads.
  • Costume suggestions: A sexy cop or a gruesome animal
  • Signature Halloween candy: Twizzlers
  • Scary movie you should celebrate Halloween with: Scream

You Are 55% Witch
  • You've got some pretty witchy stuff going on.
  • Even if you're not a witch, you've got to admit that you're a little freaky.
  • You have a strong independent streak - social norms be damned. More power to you.
  • Luckily, the time when you would have been burned at the stake has passed!

You Are a Werewolf
  • You're unpredictable, moody, and downright freaky.
  • You seem sweet and harmless, until you snap. Then you're a total monster.
  • Very few people can predict if you're going to be Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde.
  • But for you, all your transformations seem perfectly natural.
  • Your greatest power: Your ability to tap into nature
  • Your greatest weakness: Lack of self control
  • You play well with: Vampires

You Could Be a Vampire... If You Had To
  • Like most people, the thought of being a vampire has crossed your mind. But you're not sure if you'd do it, even if you could.
  • Living forever doesn't sound half bad, if you could live forever with the people you love the most.
  • But do vampires even love? And would the vampire version of you even be you?
  • It's all too much to contemplate. Luckily, the chances of you ever becoming a vampire are astronomically low.
  • What you would like best about being a vampire: Living forever
  • What you would like least about being a vampire: Blood stained teeth

Could You Be a Vampire?

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Lost Season 5

IT'S COMING!!! I found this promo today for the upcoming 5th season of Lost. This show is one of the best show EVER! If you don't believe me, watch the episode "The Constant" and tell me otherwise. "The Constant" is the best 60 minutes of television ever written. Yeah, sue me, I am a bit biased!

Anyways, this is the promo for the upcoming season which begins early 2009. The first half of the video is footage from season 4. SO, if you haven't seen season 4 yet, this will be full of spoilers and it will ruin it for you! (YEAH, I am talking to you!)

ENJOY! And this is just making me want to watch Lost even more. Actually, right now I am going to ABC.com and watching "The Constant" again!

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Political Cartoons

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Friday Fill-Ins #95

1. Right now, I'm feeling ______very relaxed after a nice long sleep_______.
2. ____Employed with a good job_____ is where I want to be.
3. How does one _____live without knowing the joy of the colorful Fiesta dishes  LOL_____?
4. ______Douglass_______ keeps me on track.
5. Please don't _______forget to vote!!!!! It is super important this year_______.
6. ____My emotionally needy dog, who HAS to be laying directly next to me all the time,____ fills me with joy.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to ___a nice quiet evening relaxing___, tomorrow my plans include ___listing more Fiesta for sale on my website___ and Sunday, I want to ___start boxing up some of the things I have sold already___!

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Ron Howard, Opie and Richie Cunningham all for Obama

Here is a cute video with Ron Howard, Opie & Andy Griffith and Richie Cunningham & the Fonz all talking about the election.

See more Ron Howard videos at Funny or Die

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Fiesta Magnets for sale

UPDATE: Like I said in this post, the market for these magnets is CRAZY! I sold them all within 6 hours of listing. And I thought I made the price a bit on the high side. I was asking more than the last 3 sets sold for on ebay. Happy Dance, Happy Dance, Happy Dance!!!

I bought these many years ago. I paid for 5 sets of magnets, but the woman only sent 4. I believe she was the first person I left a negative feedback for on ebay. I emailed her about the missing set of magnets, but all I got in return was some ridiculously rude email about how she packed them all and she doesn't have it, so it is my fault and my problem. Of course she didn't say it quite that nice.

For whatever reason, these magnets have been hanging on my refrigerator for years without ever being taken out of the packages. Well, now on ebay these sets are going for outrageous amounts. THEY ARE JUST MAGNETS!!! But I am willing to sell mine to make a quick buck. Check out the pictures after the jump.

SOLD 1940's Magnet Collection
Ivory Creamer, Green Sugar, Red Teapot, Cobalt Coffee Server and Yellow Disk Pitcher.

SOLD Coffee Magnet Collection
Cobalt Creamer, Medium Green Sugar, Turquoise Coffee Cup and Saucer, Yellow Coffee Server and Rose Coffee Cup and Server.

SOLD Contemporary Magnet Collection
Persimmon Coffee Cup and Saucer, Rose Teapot, Yellow Plate, Periwinkle Coffee Server and Turquoise Disk Pitcher.

SOLD Vignette Magnet Collection
Includes 3 magnets with 3-D Fiesta scenes. Very cool set!

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Fiesta Ornaments For Sale

Here are some of the ornaments I am selling this year. The Peppermint and String of Lights ornaments are from the Bon-Ton stores (Bon-Ton, Bergners, Bostons, Carson Pirie Scott, Elder Beerman and Herbergers). The 1997 Christmas Tree Ornament was sold by Betty Crocker.

I only have 1 each of these left for sale. They all come in a box except for the 1997 ornament.

The Peppermint Ornament is SOLD OUT!

All of these items are for sale at website, RainbowDishes.com. Click on the link, or click on the links below each picture.

If you are looking for one of the 2008 ornaments, I can check the local stores.  Let me know and I will get a availability and price quote for you.

SOLD! 1997 Christmas Tree
2003 Shamrock

2007 String of Lights
2007 Peppermint Ornament

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Is it really hip to be square?

What seemed so sacrilegious when they announced it, turns out to be not that bad. Homer Laughlin had announced a few months back that they were coming out with Square Fiesta. How do you take something as iconic as the art deco inspired Fiesta dishes and make them square? Well, today I saw the press release and a picture of the dishes. They aren't square like I had imagined, but they definitely aren't as round as Fiesta. I do like how the base of the mug and bowl are square but the top is round. The rings on the plates are the same way, round in the center and more square on the edge. I think they did a great job and I cannot wait to see it!!!

Press release:

New shape is center stage at New York Tabletop Market, October 22-24

41 Madison, 16th Floor

Newell, W.Va.—(October 20, 2008)—The Homer Laughlin China Company™ is extending its iconic line of dinnerware with a new youthful shape: Square. Featuring the same sculpted art deco design by Frederick Hurton Rhead, new square shaped FIESTA Dinnerware complements the brand’s traditional [round] place settings and assorted contemporary glazes.

“The new shape addresses the needs of a growing consumer segment that cannot be ignored,” says Rich Brinkman, FIESTA Dinnerware. “Younger as well as new, edgy consumers desire unique shapes, sizes and colors that speak to their personal preferences, as well as stylized home decors.”

The company is unveiling Square in eight contemporary colors at New York Tabletop Market, 41 Madison Avenue, Wednesday, October 22 thru Friday, October 24. Look for FIESTA’s new shape in the following glazes: Shamrock, Ivory, Sunflower, Tangerine, Scarlet, Peacock, Cobalt and newly introduced Chocolate. “Additional core colors will be added to the offering in 2009,” he says.

Debuting at the FIESTA showroom on the 16th floor in Square is a Dinner, Luncheon and Salad Plates, and 19 oz. Bowl and Mug, as well as a full FIESTA line of dinnerware and accessories.

Despite square silhouettes, pieces maintain a strong relationship to the company’s established ‘round’ deco offering; coupe shape and height remain the same, along with the brand’s signature concentric rings.

Homer Laughlin’s artisans rounded the edges of the Square designs. “The softened look not only helps to maintain brand continuity,” says Brinkman, “but allows the complimenting intermixing of the two different shapes.”

Softer too are the bowl and mug. “Both are square at the base and round at the top for the obvious reason”, says Brinkman, “as practicality, functionality and ease of use have always been trademarks of the FIESTA brand.”

“Softened does not mean downsized,” says Brinkman. Scale is the only lingering difference between FIESTA’s now two shapes. “Each square plate was designed a bit larger than its round counterpart,” he says. The Dinner Plate, for example, is ¼ inch larger than the round version. “Again,” he says, “to allow decorative layering of the two shapes.” Mug and Bowl are equally more generous as well.

Square FIESTA will be available at major department stores and online in March 2009.

MSRP: Suggested retail price is as follows: Dinner Plate $18, Luncheon Plate $16, Salad Plate $12, Bowl $12, Mug $13.

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Were the World Mine

I also found this over at Towleroad.com.

Were the World Mine is a new gay film by writer/director Tom Gustafson which plays out the fantasies of a struggling gay teen over the backdrop of a high school in a close-minded town. The show's main character Timothy, discovers a love potion while playing Puck in a Midsummer Night's Dream and begins to turn the town gay.

It's been playing at film festivals but plays in Louisville on October 31, and opens in New York, S.F. and L.A. in November, and other cities after that. Haven't seen it, but the just-released full trailer looks sweet.

From the website weretheworldmine.com:

If you had a love-potion, who would you make fall madly in love with you? Timothy, prone to escaping his dismal high school reality through dazzling musical daydreams, gets to answer that question in a very real way. After his eccentric teacher casts him as Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream, he stumbles upon a recipe hidden within the script to create the play’s magical, purple love-pansy. Armed with the pansy, Timothy’s fading spirit soars as he puckishly imposes a new reality by turning much of his narrow-minded town gay, beginning with the rugby-jock of his dreams. Ensnaring family, friends and enemies in this heart-wrenching chaos, Timothy forces them to walk a mile in his musical shoes. The course of true love never did run smooth, but by the end of this moving musical comedy of errors based on director Tom Gustafson’s prolific award-winning short film, Fairies, the bumpy ride comes to a heartfelt conclusion. With vibrant imagery, a first-rate ensemble cast and innovative music rivaling the best of pop/rock and contemporary Broadway, Were the World Mine attempts to push modern gay cinema and musical film beyond expectation.

SPEAKproductions presents Were the World Mine, a multiple award-winning musical feature film based on their award-winning short film, Fairies, which screened in over 75 international film festivals including the Tribeca Film Festival. Fairies aired on the Viacom network LOGO as a winner of their short film series in the program titled The Click List: Best Shorts Ever! and is available on iTunes. Were the World Mine is currently taking the film festival circuit by storm.

Were the World Mine stars Chicago stage dynamo Wendy Robie (Twin Peaks), Broadway star Judy McLane (Mamma Mia), Zelda Williams (House of D and daughter of Robin Williams), soap opera diva Jill Larson (Opal on All My Children) and introduces the extraordinary Tanner Cohen as Timothy.

Were the World Mine enjoyed 3 major readings in NYC before making it to the big screen with the New York Musical Theatre Festival and NewFest Film Festival.

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Today's Politics via YouTube

I know that I am a YouTube whore! But lately, I have been getting into the great politcal ads that have been coming out. Today, I found all of these on Towleroad.com, thanks Andy! After the jump watch McCain/Palin/Bush/Cheney all morphing from one to another, senior actors speaking out and Chelsea Handler teaches Chuy about gay marriages.

Morphing McCain - Two of a Kind

Ain't Funny - Vote Obama/Biden

Chelsea Handler's PSA - Vote No on Prop 8

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Spring Cleaning in the Fall

For the past few weeks, I have been busy cleaning and throwing away stuff. I do have a problem of being a pack-rat but believe me, it is all genetic. My dad's parents were the same way. My parents were the same way too. So I find it an honor to keep a family tradition alive. Hey, I am just trying to make an excuse for it!

So during this cleaning and purging of my belongings, I have also been on a kick to reduce the size of my Fiesta collection. Before you Fiesta collectors ask me if I am sick, I am just getting rid of extras, duplicates and pieces I have out grown.

Plus, I still have a ton of Fiesta that I bought when I was actually selling this as a business. So for the past week, I have been busy adding stuff to my website, the ClassifiedAds website and on the CMG (Collectible Medium Green) Fiesta message board. And now I have got a desire to list on ebay...okay, with that last desire, now it is time to ask if I am sick!

First up for sale was the Looney Tunes Fiesta dishes. I have never used these and I used to really like them. But over the years, they have just become dust magnets on top of the china cabinet.

Bugs Bunny
Fiesta Periwinkle Mug
Bugs Bunny
Fiesta Periwinkle Plate

Scooby Doo Fiesta
SeaMist Green Mug
Scooby Doo Fiesta
White Mug
Scooby Doo Fiesta
SeaMist Green Bowl
Scooby Doo Fiesta
SeaMist Green Disk Pitcher

Tweety Bird
Fiesta White Mug
Sylvester the Cat
Fiesta Yellow Mug
Sylvester the Cat
Fiesta Yellow Bowl

Daffy Duck
Fiesta Turquoise Mug
Porky Pig
Fiesta Rose Mug
Looney Tunes
HLC Turquoise Mug

All of these items are for sale at website, RainbowDishes.com. Click on the link, or click on the links below each picture.

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