Found this awesome video while stumbling the other night. While the video is a bit long (over 8 minutes long), it is very well thought out. I can see why this video won 35 film festival awards.

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Dancing with the Star Wars spoof

I saw this video listed on yahoo....I am not sure how to embed this video, so below is the link. Enjoy!

Dancing with the Star Wars spoof

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Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving

I am glad that Thanksgiving is here! My job is a manager in a grocery store. The days before Thanksgiving keep building into a hellish nightmare. All of the customers are busy running around, they constantly are asking where the same 10 items are located, and of course none of my employees want to be working (but that is pretty much everyday!) Even though all of the other grocery stores in town are open on Thanksgiving, my store (it is a smaller discount grocery store) will be closed. And for the 3 days after Thanksgiving, business will drop off to pretty much nothing.

So today I am going to enjoy a nice relaxing day at my grandparent's house. My aunt from Columbus, Ohio will be leaving early in the morning, so I will arrive there just in time to say goodbye to her. Then for the rest of the day it will be just the 3 of us.

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To ebay or not to ebay.....

I have a bunch of stuff I need to get rid of. I guess a more accurate statement would be that I need to simplify my life. I have a closet full of Fiesta downstairs from the old website. Lots of place settings, small pieces, clearance pieces I picked up at local stores and other various items. Most of the items (minus some of the small items and the clearance items) are still in the original boxes. Plus I have decided to get rid of my Warner Brothers Fiesta.

Some of the items I kept in stock were plates, platters, mugs, trivets, small bowls, and teapots. I know I have sold some plates and platters to a couple of friends. So I am not sure how many of those I have left. And for the clearance items I purchaed, I think a lot of those are cinnabar, juniper and plum. I also have a few decaled pieces that I picked up from local stores. Needless to say, I need to clean out that closet.

The question I need to answer is if I should start selling on ebay again or open my new website up for sales. My Fiesta wholesaler is no longer selling wholesale, which is a shame since they were the greatest. They had the best selection, excellent quality and super-fast shipping. So my prices would have to go up dramatically if I was to start selling more Fiesta.

I could also try and list my items on either one of the Fiesta message boards. I would reach a very targeted audience with that option, but I would also be very limited on the number of people. Plus, I don't think most of the people on the message boards would be looking for some of the common items I would be selling.

I will have to give this some more thought. While I am thinking about it, I guess I will start reopening my website store, getting it ready just in case. So in the next few weeks, look at rainbowdishes.com for Fiesta.

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Simpsons Star Wars

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

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Another round please!


Of course, the fact I used to be a bartender contributed more to the high score than the fact that I am a light drinker.

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