Planet Effin' Earth

This week will be a very long week at work. 2 of the other managers (there are only 5 of us) are both gone on vacation. I get to pick up the job of the meat department manager (I work in a grocery store for those of you who didn't know). So part of this week I will be back in the meat department cutting meat. This is one of those jobs I tried a few years back and really hated it. The biggest complaint I have about the job is that since it is a small store, there is only 1 person back there. That job is so lonely! Standing in a 40 (or lower) degree room for 8 hours by yourself, that is not my idea of fun. I guess jobs aren't supposed to be fun, but come on, that job is horrible. The rest of the week will include my regular duties at work, so I will be busy, busy, busy.

So since I probably won't be able to post a whole lot this coming week, I thought I would share this video. It sums up my feelings a lot lately!

Be warned this is definitely NSFW:
KEEP THE VOLUME DOWN IF AT WORK! (or in mixed company!) Definitely not for the nice church going folks! Let me put it this way, I am known to have a potty mouth. But for the full effect of the video, you do need to hear it, so wait until you are alone to watch it. This will probably be taken down (or moved to a different blog I am working on) at a later date, so enjoy it here for now. And if you don't like the video, I understand, you won't hurt my feelings.

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My Accidental Stumbling Upon A Star Trek Convention

One night during the summer of 1993, my friend Jeff and I decided we wanted to get away to East St. Louis. For those of you not from the area, East St. Louis is a dirty, rundown, and crime ridden area directly across the Mississippi River from St. Louis on the Illinois side. Now for whatever reason, right in the middle of East St. Louis is a huge gay bar called Faces. The big thing about Faces is the fact that it stays open until very late. I remember leaving that place at 6 or 7 the next morning quite a few times....and the bar wasn't even closed yet!

On this hot summer night, we arrived late as usual (the place doesn't get busy until after 1am usually). We were having a few drinks, dancing and having a good time. At sometime during the evening (or morning), I met a guy (Paul) who was also from out-of-town. Somewhere around 3am, Paul was getting tired and was wanting to leave the bar. He was traveling through the area and didn't have a place to go. I was about 3 hours from home, so I couldn't just offer for him to spend the night at my place. I was also losing interest in the bar that night (mainly knowing that Jeff would want to stay there until 7am at least). So I agreed to go with Paul and get a hotel room.

Remember that this was the summer of 1993, which was also the great flood of the Mississippi River and we were at this bar which was located about 1 or 2 blocks from the river. I gave my car keys to Jeff and told him that I would call his answering machine (this was before cell phones were everywhere) to let him know which hotel we went to. We took off and drove for hours! We tried all the areas on the Illinois side of the river. We drove up to about 45 miles away before we turned around and headed back to St. Louis. Finally one of the Holiday Inns we tried was completely full but offered to find us a room at another Holiday Inn in the St. Louis area. The only room available was on the far west side of St. Louis. By the time we had arrived at this point, it was now about 6am. When we finally arrived at the hotel, got checked in and into the room, it was almost 7am. I will say that they were super nice at the Holiday Inn. They charged us less than half their normal rate since we checked in so late.

We ended up sleeping in until 11am (checkout was at noon). Still half asleep, wearing the clothes from the night before and very hungry, we made our way down to the lobby to check out. When the elevator doors open up, the lobby was packed full of people. Thinking it was odd for a hotel to be this packed, we made our way to the front desk to check out. I was walking backwards talking to Jeff (who came to pick me up) and Paul. They both grabbed me to keep me from running into somebody. I turned around to apologize but was speechless when I realized I had almost ran into Data (Brent Spiner). He was in full makeup/costume. He also didn't look very happy. It was then that I realized that the hotel lobby was being overrun by a Star Trek convention. But Data/Brent Spiner was escorted off into a private room and I was left speechless. Neither Jeff nor Paul knew anything about Star Trek, so it meant absolutely nothing to them. They thought Data looked stupid. LOL

I was being honest about this rambling on and on and on. Oh yeah, and it is about a Star Trek convention too!

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Star Trek parody, Space Taxi (very gay)

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Lost season 4

Tonight (actually Thursday night) was the start of season 4 of Lost which is absolutely, positively, without a shadow of a doubt my favorite show of all time. As with all things ironic in life (cue up Alanis), Lost for the past 3 seasons was always shown on Wednesday nights. I have always had to work on Wednesday nights, so I always got to watch a videotaped copy. About a month ago, my schedule changed at work, I am now off on Wednesdays. But of course, that doesn't matter, ABC has moved the show to Thursday nights now. Why must ABC play with me like that? sigh

So the reason for the late post, I just finished watching the season premiere, and all I can say is WOW!!! Not to post spoilers for those who haven't seen it, but "Oceanic Six"! And all of the emotion shown for Charlie! I am totally still in love with this show!

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