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Here is a new remake of Michael Jackson's Thriller done by Imogen Heap. She slowed it way down. I have never been a very big MJ fan, but Thriller was a pretty good song. BUT, and you should notice that is a BIG BUT, this version is awesome! It gives the song a whole new spin.

Listen here:

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Ankie Bagger - Where Were You Last Night

OMG...hold your horses, here comes a post! LOL

This video is of a remix of the song that possessed my friend, Jeff, and I through the end of the 80's and all of the 90's. We first heard this song sometime in 1989. The local gay bar had 1 copy of the song. Jeff fell in love with this song first. I don't remember hearing it, but he kept raving about this song. We had no idea who it was singing. Even worse, we never heard the song anywhere else. The dj that was working that night was no help either.

A few months later, they played the song again. I heard the song this time and I also was in love. Luckily, the dj was more cooperative and gave us the artist's name. Unfortunately, the only copy they had of this song came from a music mixing company. They only sold their music to dj's and nightclubs. This began 12 years of hell for us!

The problem was that this song just didn't exsist in the U.S. Or at least, we couldn't find any existence of the song. Another problem we had is we weren't sure of the exact spelling of her name. Ankie Bagger isn't exactly a typical name. We were constantly visiting every record store we could find and looking for variations of how we thought her name would be spelled. Not only could we not find her music anywhere, nobody had ever heard of her either. Finally coming to the conclusion that we would never find a record or cd of hers, we started religiously looking through the compilation collections. We figured this was our best bet on finding this song.

During the early 2000's, Jeff and I both became fans of "music sharing" Peer-to-Peer (P2P) websites. We both started with Napster before it was taken away. We also tried a few other places that would last a while before they would close down. At each one of these sites, the first song we would look for was always Where Were You Last Night. It wasn't until we discovered a new P2P site that we finally stumbled upon our own holy grail. I remember typing in her name when I started using the latest P2P program. The first few months, nothing would show up. But one day, on a whim, I typed her name in again. And VOILA! Not only did the song show up once, it showed up TWICE! Two different people had the song! After more than 12 years, we had found that elusive song that had escaped us for so long!

I don't remember who found what. But between Jeff and me, one of us had found the original version and a few days later, the other one had found the remix version. We later found out the song had even been remade by another band. But, the original by Ankie will always be that song that drove us crazy. And I dedicate this song to Jeff, who would have turned 40 earlier this month. Whenever I play this song, I always think of the great times we shared. And I always remember all of the time we spent in record stores searching for some woman named Ankie.

Ankie Bagger - Where Were You Last Night

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