Matt Alber - End of the World Remixes

Matt Alber is back again with remixes of his beautiful song End of the World. He re-recorded the vocals for both of these awesome mixes. This song is still one of my favorite songs ever. And both of these remixes are available on iTunes.

Matt Alber - End of the World
Saul Ruiz Club Mix
Matt Alber - End of the World
Morgan Page Pop Mix Extended Remix

Matt Alber - End of the World

I don’t want to ride this roller coaster
I think I want to get off
But they buckled me down
Like it’s the end of the world
If you don’t want to have this conversation
Then you better get out
Cause we’re climbing to our death
At least that’s what they want you to think
Just in case we jump the track
I have a confession to make
It’s something like a cork screw

I don’t wanna fall, I don’t wanna fly
I don’t wanna be dangled over
The edge of a dying romance
But I don’t wanna stop
I don’t wanna lie
I don’t wanna believe it’s over
I just wanna stay with you tonight

I didn’t mean to scream out quite so loudly
When we screeched to a halt
I’m just never prepared
For the end of the ride
Maybe we should get on something simpler
Like a giant balloon
But I’ve got two tickets left, and so do you
Instead of giving them away to some stranger
Let’s make them count, come on
Let’s get back in line again and ride the big one

Don’t you want to fall, don’t you want to fly
Don’t you want to be dangled over
The edge of this aching romance
If it’s gonna end, then I wanna know
That we squeezed out every moment
But if there’s nothing left can you tell me why
That it is you’re holding onto me
Like it’s the end of the world

lyrics thanks to Andrew Sanders

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Happy Eff'n Valentine's Day

What a way to spend Valentine's Day. I guess he will think twice about such a public proposal.

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Happy Birthday, Mom

This is a repeat from last year. Today would have been my Mom's 62nd birthday today. This video is in honor of her. She was known to use a  few of these statements on me.

Happy Birthday, Mom. Thanks for everything!
Love from your favorite (and only) son, Craig

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T-Shirt War!!

A very cute video.

It took 222 different t-shirts to make the video.  Very clever.

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And the new color is…

It has been announced (unofficially of course) that the name of the new Fiesta color is Paprika! :)

The color is said to be a reddish-copper color.  I think this color will be a very nice addition to the line-up. 

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My Fiesta Beginnings

I started my Fiesta collection in 1999.  I was on vacation in Saugatuck, MI, with a group of friends.  We were visiting a junk shop.  Please note, they claimed to have antiques, but for the most part, I would claim they had a lot of junk and newer items.  In this shop, I ran across a stack of Fiesta plates sitting on a table.  The sight of these plates instantly took me back to my paternal grandparent’s table when I was growing up. 


I was never very close to my father’s family.  Even though they lived the same distance from our house as my mother’s parents, emotionally, that distance was a lot further.  There were the few Thanksgiving dinners when the whole family would gather, but those had ended by the time I was 7 or 8.  And we would stop by their house each Christmas morning, but it would only be us visiting.  I rarely ever saw my aunts, uncles or cousins.  Even more strange, I grew up less than 10 minutes from one of my aunts and her three daughters.  I saw them even less than my grandparents. 


The one thing I always remember about my grandparents though was their table.  It was always set with Fiesta dishes.  Of course, when I was a small kid, I never knew (or really cared) about the dishes.  But now that I look back at those times, I fondly remember.  The colors I remember were Red, Yellow, Cobalt, Medium Green, Ivory and Turquoise.  I don’t recall any of the other 50’s colors or Original Green for that matter either.  I know my grandmother bought them when she was working at a local department store.  But I have no idea when she worked there.  She would be a few dishes at a time, as the budget allowed. 


Sadly, my grandmother passed away in 1995 and my grandfather was put into a nursing home in 1999.  When he went into the nursing home, all of his belongings were auctioned off.    This was the same time that I was really getting into collecting Fiesta.  But with the lack of communication in the family, I was never told of the auction until after it was over.  I would have gladly bought all of their Fiesta dishes.  The main prize would have been the Turquoise disk pitcher she used for every meal to pour her iced tea.  And for me, that one piece will always be the iconic piece of Fiesta.


And that stack of plates I saw in the junk shop, they came home with me.  At the time, I had no idea what they were other than the items that triggered my Fiesta obsession.  I thought they would make great dinner plates, but they turned out to be the 11” chop plates.  A bit too bulky and way too large for dinner plates.  The colors are Apricot, Rose, Periwinkle, Turquoise and Cobalt.  I think I used them once for eating, and realized they were too big.  They have been dust collectors ever since.  But they still remind me of my grandparent’s table and the beginning of my collection.

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Super Bowl

Here is the original, unedited version of Men on Film that aired during the 1992 Super Bowl.

I am torn on this Super Bowl. I live close to Indianapolis and I also once ran into Peyton Manning (HOT!) at the Indy Airport. Go Colts!

But my home-away-from-home is New Orleans! Geaux Saints!

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Enjoy the Ride

I don't speak often of personal matters, but I thought I would just throw this out there.

I have met a guy I really, really like. We've only been on 2 dates so far. Even though I am the hopeless romantic (hopefully the hopeless part is over), I am not assuming anything just yet. But I will just say, I am really enjoying it so far, and I am excited to see where this goes. If something does come out of it, I am all for that. If it doesn't work out, I think I at least made a great new friend. So for now, I am just enjoying the ride! :)

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Happy Groundhog's Day

No need to worry, no Bill Murrays were harmed in the posting of this blog.

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The End Is Here!

Tonight's the night we'll make history,
Honey, you and I...and Jack and Kate and Sawyer and Claire and Benjamin Linus and Sun and Jin and Hurley and John Locke...or is that really John Locke??

Tonight is the beginning of the last season of Lost.

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