Pittsburgh or Bust

Two weeks from right now, I will be leaving the Indianapolis Airport with MsVal on our way to Pittsburgh. You have all been warned about this trip. I suggest you take the young, the elderly and the weak-hearted and GET THEM OUT OF OUR WAY! We are going to have the time of our lives and nothing is going to stop us!!!

Pittsburgh will never be the same!!!

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The Pussy Cat Song (NSFW)

In honor of all the stinking hot (and very humid) weather we are having right now...I thought I would post about my favorite friendly little cat. BTW, this is definitely NSFW (Not Safe For Work)!

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Toy Story 3

Some of the best news in a long time! And only 1 year to wait!

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June 7, 1968

41 years ago today, my mom was in the hospital thinking "WHAT THE HELL AM I GETTING MYSELF INTO?" She had no idea!!! LOL

Today is my 41st birthday. :)

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Rough Road Ahead

Today was a rough day. YIKES!!!

I need to just relax and let things work themselves out. And some good old-fashioned conversation about the situation will help. It ain't the end of the world, just another pothole that I seem to like to hit.

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New Blog Award

I am awarding myself "The Laziest Blogger Award". And I am so lazy, I am not even going to make a kick-ass graphic for it. That is exactly how lazy I am.

Honestly, there have been a few issues with me blogging recently. I have corrected them (I think) and I will begin blogging very soon. It will soon be back to youtube videos and meme heaven around here.

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Pitts in July

Not that I am counting...but as of today...only 35 days until my vacation starts and I am headed off to Pittsburgh.

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