Planet Effin' Earth

This week will be a very long week at work. 2 of the other managers (there are only 5 of us) are both gone on vacation. I get to pick up the job of the meat department manager (I work in a grocery store for those of you who didn't know). So part of this week I will be back in the meat department cutting meat. This is one of those jobs I tried a few years back and really hated it. The biggest complaint I have about the job is that since it is a small store, there is only 1 person back there. That job is so lonely! Standing in a 40 (or lower) degree room for 8 hours by yourself, that is not my idea of fun. I guess jobs aren't supposed to be fun, but come on, that job is horrible. The rest of the week will include my regular duties at work, so I will be busy, busy, busy.

So since I probably won't be able to post a whole lot this coming week, I thought I would share this video. It sums up my feelings a lot lately!

Be warned this is definitely NSFW:
KEEP THE VOLUME DOWN IF AT WORK! (or in mixed company!) Definitely not for the nice church going folks! Let me put it this way, I am known to have a potty mouth. But for the full effect of the video, you do need to hear it, so wait until you are alone to watch it. This will probably be taken down (or moved to a different blog I am working on) at a later date, so enjoy it here for now. And if you don't like the video, I understand, you won't hurt my feelings.