New and Exciting Times For Fiesta

In the upcoming months, I think it will be a very exciting time for Homer Laughlin with their new additions to the Fiesta line. Recently we saw the release of the another new color which is based upon a Vintage Fiesta color, Ivory. While the color probably wouldn't make the most spectacular looking table setting if it was the only color, the beauty behind Fiesta though is the versatility of the multi-hue palette. Ivory is one of those colors that makes the other colors pop and take center stage. The same will probably be said about the next new color to be coming out, Chocolate.

From the pictures we have seen so far, Chocolate looks to be similar to a creamy chocolate color. The color will really pop against Turquoise, Sunflower, Tangerine, Rose and Ivory. I also have a feeling it will look great with Chartreuse and Persimmon. And Chocolate will add a very beautiful touch to any Fall/Harvest/Thanksgiving table. The color is supposed to be released in mid-November, 2008, just in time for Thanksgiving!

And lastly, HLC has been listening to their customers and came up with a new design to compliment the Fiesta line. Square Fiesta contains some of the same art deco lines as regular Fiesta, but the overall design is more square in shape. This line of dishes won't be released until March, 2009, so I will hold my reviews until then. But I think this will add a very exciting touch to this iconic line of dishes. Hopefully it will just add more customers to the already popular tableware!