Trashy Tuesday - Deborah Harry - I Want That Man

Here is the video of this Deborah Harry hit from 1989. Of course, by hit I mean dance song. I remember dancing to this song on top of the speakers at C-Street (for those of you who have been to what used to be one of the best dance bars in Illinois!) Deborah Harry, as the lead singer of Blondie, is one of the best pop/punk singers ever.

Deborah Harry - I Want That Man (Extended Mix)

Here is the video for the song. Deborah Harry as a vampire! EXCELLENT! This is the video that was posted on Boy Culture. I had never seen the video before, but I love it. Definitely from the 80's. Boy Culture also posted that the song was written by the two main singers from the Thompson Twins. I never knew that.

Deborah Harry - I Want that Man (Remix) Video


RainbowDishes said...

Something I forgot to add to this post, when this song was out, I was infatuated with a guy from where my sister was going to school. sThe poor guy had the last name Mann. sYou can imagine all of the songs (that had the word man in their title) that I put on the mix tape that I gave to him. sYeah, I did mix tapes back then. sLife was so much simpler back then. sLOL