Thanks To My Secret Santa

In this years Secret Santa gift exchange at CMG, I received some cool gifts from fiestasal! Every year HLCCA (Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association) hosts a conference. They always have some very cool Fiesta pieces that is decaled with the HLCCA Conference logo. I have always wanted to go, but there is something that has happened so I am unable to enjoy the conference.

3 years ago, my family decided to suprise my grandparents in the celebration of their 60th wedding anniversary. I was all for that, until I realized that they decided to celebrate it over a month early...the same exact weekend as the conference! I was so looking forward to that conference since it was going to be in St. Louis (only 3 hours from where I live.)

The next year, I was going to ask off for the weekend of the confernce, but my boss announced that he was going to get married that month (they just had to get married on 7/7/07.) No problem I said, the conference is a few weeks after that. NOPE, HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! They decided they were going to take a 2 week honeymoon, but they wouldn't be going on the honeymoon until a week after the wedding. UGH!

Last year, I had been saving a bit of money in order to do the conference. But clumsy me, I fell down the stairs in May and it started a chain of events that ended with me being in extreme back pain for 4 months. There is no way I could have ridden in a car or a plane for any extended period of time, so the conference in Minneapolis was out. :(

So back to the story, grandmadisher (Pat) sent me 3 items from previous conferences. I totally love them since I have never been to a conference or been able to see in person any piece from a conference. First up I got 2 pieces from the St. Louis conference. Both are in peacock, one is the chili bowl with the logo on the front. The other is the jumbo saucer (which works for the chili bowl) also in peacock with "Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association" written on the top of the saucer. Both are beautiful! The 3rd piece I received is beyond words! It is a turquoise bread tray with the logo from the Phoenix, AZ conference. IT IS AMAZING! I totally love the pieces I received! And YES! I am going to the conference in 2009. Every other year (the odd years) it is held in Pittsburgh which is only 30 miles from the factory that makes our beloved dishes.


Ms. Val said...

Craig, I'm puzzled. I thought you were Sallie's Secret Santa and Pat K. was yours.

Am I missing something?

RainbowDishes said...

Oh geez....my little brain wasn't thinking. Thanks for the correction!

I am embarrassed now!

Becky said...

Craig I am so excited you got the conference pieces. Those are superb gifts! And hard to come by. Congratulations!

RainbowDishes said...

I am very excited by the conference pieces too. Like I said, I have wanted to go for a few years, but something always comes up. The pieces always look so nice in the conference pics I see, but I never knew that they were this nice. I really love the Phoenix bread tray. I need to dig out my old Dish magazines and see what the other pieces were. I need to make sure I can make it in 2009.