Gotta Love This Weather - Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

The weather has been crazy for the past few weeks. We have had lots of snow and 4 ice storms (only 1 of them was semi-severe) in the month of December. Temperatures have been very cold in the past few weeks. It wasn't even a week ago that the temps were below 0° with a wind chill of -35°!

So yesterday the temps went up. By 1:30pm when I left work, the temps were just below 40°. Last night around 11pm, the temps were up to 60°. What is up with this weather??? Today, the temps are still around the 60° mark. The forecast is for lots of rain, severe thunderstorms and lots of wind. And just a little bit ago, they now put us under a TORNADO watch! WHAT??? It is December, we should be having lots of snow and cold temps. Now we are having Spring weather! The tornado watch is until 7pm tonight. I noticed there are a few counties over by Springfield that are under a tornado warning! YIKES. I am hoping our watch turns out to be nothing. But they are calling for it to be very windy with some huge wind gusts! Happy Holidays! Bah humbug!


Becky said...

Craig, we are having weird weather, too. It was 77° here today and very windy - up to 35mph gusts. We're supposed to have a cold front coming through tonight with thunderstorms. As you say, spring weather.

Hope you had no tornados!

RainbowDishes said...

There were no tornadoes here, but there were a couple of them about 50 miles away. The temp has dropped down, currently it is 38°. Amazingly, that is the high for Sunday. So I have a feeling it is just going to continue to drop and never come back up. More rain and wind is forecast for Sunday. So it sounds like another crappy day off! UGH!

I think most of the country is experiencing weird weather. I would say that Mother Nature is giving us strange weather instead of a lump of coal this winter!