Heroes Season 3

WOW! I knew some of the stuff that was going to happen tonight (thanks to the press release I saw the other day.) But I didn't get the whole 1 hour pre-show which kept showing clips from the past 2 seasons plus clips of this coming season mixed together. They should have just done a recap show if they wanted something to show for that extra hour. A little more about tonights show (including possible spoilers if you haven't already seen it) after the jump.

So click Continue Reading only if you don't care about possible spoilers.

Ok, the whole ending was kick ass. I didn't see that coming from anywhere.

But some things were SOOOOO predictable! Mohinder injecting himself? After his serum last season going bad and having to use Claire's blood to fix that, I think he would have been a bit more careful before just injecting himself like that. You knew something bad was going to come from it. And the whole Claire shooting Peter bit at the beginning...um, HELLO???? With his abilities do you really think you are going to shoot him like that? They could have spent more time with the new villians. And while I liked the whole future Peter trying to fix the future and messes it up, I didn't like how Angela kept telling future Peter to bring her son back. Um, he is your son. And I guess it is finally time we learned what Angela's abilities were....but they after all that time, we learn that she has a semi-lame ability. Hopefully we will learn later on that she has more abilities, much more cooler abilities!

Ok, I still have some more thinking to do about tonights episode. There was a lot to take in. But overall, I think they did a great job, setting up a new great season. And at least it didn't start as bad as season 2 did. THANK YOU!!!!