What A Sad, Sad, Sad World

I found out today that the 2 other people that had worked at the grocery store with me since it had opened, they both quit/got fired today. That makes me happy that it wasn't just me. But also sad to see that store going downhill so fast! After all of the hard work and effort I put into that place....I hate to see what is happening. But at the same time, that isn't my concern anymore. But I do hate to see both of them quit/get fired.

The 3 of us always discussed that when the new manager was starting and the corporate office people were in our store all the time, that all 3 of us would lose our jobs before it was over. How sad that we were correct.

I haven't stepped foot in that store since I was fired, but they told me today that the store looks horrible. The new manager, who didn't know how to order because I always did the ordering, still doesn't know how to order. I guess they have been out of milk for a few days. HOW IN THE WORLD DOES A STORE NOT HAVE MILK??? Also the produce has been looking atrocious because he is not ordering that correctly. Um, when I was there, produce was the one thing he did take care of! How is it now he can't even take care of that? And wasn't that the LAME excuse for me getting fired? The produce looking bad. I guess they should all be fired then. The sad reality is, they don't want to actually have to pay anybody more than minimum wage, so they are "getting rid" of everybody. We were having the problem before that we couldn't pay more than minimum wage for the cashiers. Well, we ended up with cashiers that were pretty useless. There are too many jobs out there that pay better than minimum, so why would they want to work there? Sad, sad, sad!!!

Ok, I definitely don't want to get upset by thinking about this place. They are not worth my time for that. Just sad though how this place that was my life and I spent many of hours busting my ass to make it a great store, is now a complete disaster and eventually it will implode (not literally) on itself!