The New Boss

The new boss started this past week. At first, most of the employees (mainly the managers) were pretty nervous about having to get a new boss. I mean, we are batting .000 with him being the 3rd manager for our store in the past 4 years. We knew that the last one was a pathological liar, but we recently found out a lot of the lies he had been spreading around the company about us. Luckily most people that meet him can figure out pretty quickly that he is a liar.

So when the higher-ups from the corporation were in the store to let us know about the new guy (honestly they were there to check us out, they don't believe that we can run the place without a manager), they told us about William. He has only been with the company for 7 months, and he wasn't even a store manager. But he is very people oriented. And honestly, I don't think he would be capable of telling a lie to us or about us, which already makes him the best manager we have had. He was in the armed forces. He was a Navy Seal during both Iraq wars. And he is a pretty cool guy.

So far in the past 4 days that he has been there, the store looks brand new. Most of the main sections of the store have been reset. The outside has had a total makeover. And a few new (and more dependable) employees have been hired. So far, I am extremely impressed with William. And I believe that he will do great things for the store.


Ms. Val said...

Sounds like William is all that and a bowl of cherries. But you left out one important detail:

Is he cute? :-)

RainbowDishes said...

Yes, he actually is cute. You need to realize that I like guys who are MEN! I prefer masculine, hairy, big guys. I am not into obese guys, but I also don't like skinny guys with no meat on their bones. William is definitely a hot guy. He is also married and has a kid. All the good ones are taken or straight. lol