Wordle July 08

Okay, I have been SUPER lazy lately. Well, when it comes to posting on here. Nothing very new to report. My new boss has started, he seems to be a pretty cool guy and a total opposite of the last boss. That is a totally good thing! The back pain is still there. Next week I will go for my second of 3 shots to help correct the situation. The first shot was uncomfortable for 2 days after I got it. I am hoping they only get better. And I have been working very hard on the new website. Very soon I will open up the webshop where I will once again begin selling Fiesta. To start with at first, I am just going to be selling all of the surplus Fiesta that I have left over from the last webshop that I ran. Anyways, I promise to start posting more again. So here is the Wordle for July.