My Pain

For the past 4 weeks or so, I have had considerable pain in my left leg. This is from my sciatic nerve being pinched (that is what I have always been told at least.) I have been to the doctors office 3 times now about this. Today I had an appointment with my new doctor (who is pretty new at doctoring himself.)

This pain starts in my left butt cheek and shoots straight down to my left foot. The pain will target certain areas based upon how I am sitting (or standing or laying down.) There have been many nights that I was unable to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time without waking up in extreme pain. Vicodin only goes so far. Right now I am taking 4 different medications (1 steroid and 3 pain killers). I also had x-rays taken today. They are going to schedule a MRI for me. This should tell them more about what the problem really is. After that, I will be off to see a back specialist who should be able to at least help me manage this pain better. One scenario I was given today was that he will be able to give me an injection at the exact spot of the nerve inflammation that will help alleviate this problem. All of that sounds great, and I really hope they can do all of that. But with this pain right now, it seems like it is so far away!

And sadly, I think what brought this on, was me falling down those steps at the beginning of May. I have had this problem with my sciatic nerve off and on for over 7 years, but it has never been this bad. Every other time this has happened, the pain only lasted for a few days. This time it has been going on for a month now!!!

I am off to take my meds....and probably back to sleepy time for me!