Post-Conference Blues

I'm very sorry to say...I had to come home from Pittsburgh! I first off want to thank everybody that was there, I had the best time! I had the wonderful opportunity to meet so many wonderful people. I had been chatting online with some of them for almost 10 years now. I am not even going to begin to name all of the people I met because I will only forget twice as many.

I got the honor of meeting all (except for Papa who didn't attend) of the members of the Hump Night Chatters Club. Just as we do twice a week in the chatroom, we had a blast in person!

I also got to meet so many new people and make new friends.

Lastly, a HUGE THANKS to all of the HLCCA officers, the conference volunteers and everybody who made Pittsburgh 2009 such a huge success! I just hope Nashville knows what they are getting into next year! :)

The bad news was when I got home, I had no internet connection! After MANY, MANY hours on the phone with the phone company and 3 visits from the AT&T repair department, they finally diagnosed the problem. Sadly, it took 3 days to fix! That was 3 days of dialup (and 1 night of using Douglass's internet) of trying to catch up with the Post-Conference discussions and photo sharing. Tonight I will start adding my photos to the collection.