New Arrivals and Late Departures

This next week I am going to be cleaning up my bloglist (Daily Reading). There are a few blogs I just don't care to check anymore. Not that they have stopped writing, but I honestly don't share the same interests as them. Also, I have added a few new blogs to my daily reading list.  They are both fellow CMGer's and are just as crazy spirited as I am about Fiesta dishes! So welcome M (Mustards and Marmalades) and K (Comfort in Concentrics) to the blogging world.

Just don't ask M about her parakeet or her dog who loves to flash and you will be better off! LOL just kidding


Ms. Val said...

Don't forget about Elaine! She's starting a blog, too:


~M said...

But my blog WOULDN'T be that exciting if I didn't talk about dead parakeets and flashing dogs. LOL! You're too funny, Craig.

Anonymous said...

I done this with my blog roll too. I actually had hate mail from 2 people because I had taken them off my blog roll. I hadn't spoke to them in over a year and they hadn't posted in over a year so I just replaced them with people I follow as it were. Hope your are well handsome :-)

RainbowDishes said...

Okay, lovely Elaine has been added! Thanks for the tip Val.

M, whenever I think about your parakeet, as sad as the story is, I still start laughing. It is all Denise's fault.

Irish, I am pretty sure the blogs I am deleting won't notice a difference. In the entire time I have had them on there, I have never heard from them or seen them on here. Oh well.