My Fiesta Collection: Chartreuse

My Post86 Fiesta Chartreuse Collection
The other day I posted about how I began my Fiesta Obsession Collection. Decolady, Becky, asked about my Chartreuse. For those of you who don't collect Fiesta, Chartreuse was originally one of the 1950's colors of Vintage Fiesta. In 1986 they released a new version of Fiesta (HLC had discontinued Fiesta production in 1972) that they called Post86. There are quite a few vintage colors that they revived for Post86. While the repeated-color names might be the same (Cobalt, Turquoise, Chartreuse, Rose and Yellow) the colors are definitely not even close to the originals. Some of the Post86 repeated-colors fall short of their Vintage color companions. Cobalt comes to mind, the Vintage Cobalt was bright and very cheerful, while Post86 Cobalt is dark and inky looking. Often Post86 Cobalt looks almost black. But some of the Post86 repeated-colors are better (IMHO at least) than their Vintage counterparts. Chartreuse is one of those colors. While I do love Vintage Chartreuse, I think Post86 Chartreuse is one of the best colors that HLC has ever produced! The color is bright and super cheerful! It mixes great with other colors and looks very sharp when done in an all-Chartreuse setting. The only problem with Post86 Chartreuse....it was a limited run color. Meaning that it was produced for only 2 years! :(

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So in 1999, the last year that Chartreuse was being produced, I was busy starting my Fiesta collection. One of the local stores that sold Fiesta, K's Merchandise, had price-reduced all of the Chartreuse since it was being discontinued. I had immediately fallen in love with the color, so I bought up every piece I could. Yeah, I am greedy like that sometimes!

I ended up with a very lopsided Fiesta set, in that over 1/2 of my collection was Chartreuse. And I had so many repeated items it was silly. I mean, how many Chartreuse gravy boats, butter dishes, casserole dishes, etc., does 1 person need? I still have all of those pieces in the picture above except for the casserole dish. I have 1 Turquoise Casserole dish, but I've only used it a few times. And with the new baking dishes, who needs the casserole?

Tomorrow I will try and post some more pictures of my collection. My digital camera is very temperamental right now...so I will post some pictures from a few years ago. Not much has changed in my collection in the last few years, so those pictures will give you a very good idea of what I have. And yes, all of you Fiesta (or other HLC dish) Collectors out there, I am wanting to see pictures of your collections on your blogs. Wow, I am bossy..and I like it! LOL