Adobe Flash / Video Fix

Here is the fix if you are having problems watching videos (especially YouTube videos) while using pretty much any browser except for Internet Explorer.  The problem is while watching the videos, there is no audio and the video freezes at the 2-second mark.  Sometimes it won't freeze, but there is still no audio.  Also, you can have this problem but sometimes the videos will play.  The problem is within Adobe Flash ver. 9.  The fix before this was to revert back to Adobe Flash ver. 8.  But Adobe has finally released Flash ver. 10 beta.  

I have had this problem for quite awhile and have been very upset. I have either stopped watching videos or I would have to open the website in IE. When Chrome came out, I was hoping this would help, but same problem different browser! And I had tried all kinds of fixes that I found on the internet.  I have tried the new version 10 beta, and so far, IT WORKS!  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

Here is the link for Adobe Labs about Flash Version 10.

And here is the link to the download page at the Adobe Labs website.

via Joe.My.God
Thanks Joe!