My Life (the past week) in a Nutshell

Very little new to report....life is great when it runs on cruise control. Work has been going pretty good. The new store manager has been working, it is his first full week. The office manager and meat manager are still on vacation, that turns out to be a nice vacation for me too! No major employee crisis this week...just a bunch of minor ones (one is in the hospital again, another one is quitting for the millionth time and a third one got arrested the other day for playing on an abandoned railroad car.) So work is going great.

The weather has been absolutely beautiful for quite a few days now. For over a week, the weather has been in the 70's and 80's with no rain, just beautiful sunny days. It has been absolutely beautiful here, hard to believe it is the middle of August when it is usually upper 90's to 100 and super humid. I could live with weather like this all the time!

I had a weird night on Tuesday. I went out to meet some friends at Ruby's the Clark Bar. A few of my friends are planning a trip to New Orleans at the end of September. (New Orleans is one of my absolute favorite places to visit!!!) So they were asking me if I wanted to go. I would have to pay for the train ticket and meals, but the hotel room is free! So I told them that I would have to think about it. So I told them about my friend Jeff that passed away in 2006. His boyfriend, Drew (who I hadn't seen since Jeff passed away 2 years ago) has an apartment and also owns a bar/restaurant, both in the French Quarter. I said if I went, I would have to look up the bar/restaurant. Not more than 5 minutes after that conversation about New Orleans had ended, Drew walks in to Ruby's the Clark Bar. He came up to me and said hi and handed me a business card for his bar/restaurant in New Orleans. I swear Karma was trying to bitch slap me!

My back is feeling so good, it is scary! Every since I had my shot over a week ago, I haven't been taking my pain killers. I did take them the day after my bad migraine. But that was for the headache I still had, not because of any back pain. But I can get out of bed in the morning without any pain. I can bend over to put socks on and tie my shoes without almost crying. And I can do cartwheels whenever I please...naw, just kidding about the cartwheels. I have one more shot next Wednesday. With all of the relief I got from the last one, I truly believe that the last one will pretty much fix the problem totally! Such a turn-around from the first shot where I was depressed because it did nothing to help with the back pain.

And even though I said I wasn't going to watch any of the Olympics (cause I don't have cable and I don't care for China), I have seen quite a bit of the games. I watched clips of the spectacular opening ceremonies on the internet. I have been over to Douglass's house quite a few nights and watched swimming and gymnastics on tv. And I have seen quite a few different events on the internet. It is pretty cool how technologically advanced the Olympics have become. And I so hope that the 2016 Olymipics do come to Chicago...that would be so freaking awesome!


Ms. Val said...

A few of my friends are planning a trip to New Orleans at the end of September.

Play some Arlo Guthrie on the train ride down, Dear. :-)

RainbowDishes said...

I hear that song everyday at work. One of the many songs that are repeated over and over and over.

But I think of that song everytime I ride the train to New Orleans. The name of the train we take is the "City of New Orleans".