Brand New Day

I had the most awesome day today! Yesterday I was in a funky mood (obvious by all of the posts) because of the treatment for my back. But today, I can definitely tell a huge difference thanks to the shots yesterday!!! I honestly feel 1000% better. This morning was probably the first time I have woken up without being in extreme pain since May. I was able to even put shoes and socks on today without having to pull my leg up and cry because of the pain.

On a side note, I didn't go buy me a new piece of Fiesta yesterday. I went to Petsmart to get some birdseed for the the parrot. Petsmart had quite a bit of parrot seeds on discount. We are talking $20 to $25 bags on sale for $4! So I bought her 3 different types of seeds that were marked way down, plus I got her the regular seeds she likes. I mixed them all together and she ate them right up. So I now have enough seed for a few months.

After buying all of those seeds, I was happy with my great deal. I didn't feel the need for Fiesta. Anyways, I am waiting until they get a few more pieces in. The local Macy's has a horrible display of the Ivory. The Bergner's store has a much better display, but still only a few items (place settings, plates, bowls, mugs, gusto bowls, and mini disks.) I already bought a gusto bowl in Ivory (my new cereal bowl that I use every morning.) I thought about a mini disk, but I don't really need another one. I only have about 10 of them as it is. I think I am going to wait for either the pasta bowl/shaker set (which the Macy's had none-zero-nada-zip-zilch of them in any color!) or maybe one of the new individual casserole dishes.

I did notice that Bergner's had a lot of Peacock pieces on clearance the other day. They had 2 bulb candleholders (1 of them was really bad shape, not even a second, more like a third), a huge stack of the small platters (which I don't even know what I would do with them, they are so small) and a few 10" vases. The only thing I would be interested in is a vase, but they weren't that cheap yet...still $25, and that is after their supposed 60% off clearance. I will go back in a few weeks, they might be marked down dirt cheap. I have seen Bergner's mark Fiesta down to 99 cents a piece. I bought a huge stack of 2007 ornaments, a few Valentine's Day plates and some Heather trivets for 99 cents to $1.99 a piece. If the small platters get dirt cheap, I might buy a couple of them. I guess they would be good for placing candles on them. But I would like to get one of the vases for 99 cents! LOL


papa said...

What,a no Fiesta day?!!! The Homer police should be showing up at your door any second!
Glad your back is better!

RainbowDishes said...

LOL Papa...my life is so boring now that I was excited enough by the cheap birdseed. I remember the days when it would take a lot more than that to thrill me. sighs

Ms. Val said...

I bought a huge stack of 2007 ornaments, a few Valentine's Day plates and some Heather trivets for 99 cents to $1.99 a piece.

OK, now I know who my ornament supplier is going to be! :-)

And you're not alone about getting excited over cheap stuff. In the last 2 weeks, gas has gone down almost 40 cents a gallon the Phoenix area.

Oh, and I recently bought a Schick gift box that included a razor, 5 blades, and bath fizz on clearance for $3.99 at Target. Normally, a pack of 3 blades alone is more than $7!

I now wish I had bought more than one box.

RainbowDishes said...

Gas here was down to $3.65 a gallon. I filled up and then I noticed the next day it was back to $3.85. So I lucked out on that.

And why are razors so expensive? I also bought my last razor on clearance at Target. It was in the gift pack, including a bag, extra blades, shaving cream and something else like deodorant or soap. I paid a lot less than the razor by itself.

The one thing my Mom loved to do was shop all of the clearance racks/tables. She could tell you exactly where each store puts their clearance stuff and what days they restock the stuff. After she died, I helped my Dad clean out the house, there was so much stuff that my Mom had bought that we never knew about. Boxes of baby stuff...no idea who that was for. Lots of dishes (don't get excited, they were just rubbermaid containers). But I did learn from the best. I regularly visit the clearance racks at Target. They usually have great deals.