Some Men

To cap off a beautiful weekend here (perfect weather all weekend), my friend Aaron and I took off to Indianapolis for the day on Sunday. The main point of the trip was to see the play Some Men by Terrence McNally.

The play was at the Phoenix Theater in downtown Indy. The Phoenix is a very nice small theater, it is an old church that has been converted into a theater. In the theater there are signs warning of Male Nudity and Adult Situations in the play. The very first scene was the only male nudity in the play. There were many scenes that contained male to male touching and kissing. I was surprised by the number of older couples and older women in the audience. They seemed to enjoy the play and weren't put off by the subject matter. The play is about the relationships of gay men and how that has changed over the years. There are 9 actors in the play, but they each play numerous different characters. The play jumps around to different years. Not only was the year flashed up on the back of the stage, but appropriate music from that time was played to let the audience know. The play jumps back and forth through the years, so there is no clear cut path of the progression of gay rights shown. But the story advances very well, with most of the stories.

Each story discusses how gay men would have acted towards their sexuality and relationships at the time. The earliest story was from 1920. The latest story was from 2006. From bathhouses to Don't Ask, Don't Tell, to gay marriage to internet chatrooms to AIDS, many forms of gay culture are covered. Many of the stories carry on with the same characters and how they have adapted over the years while some stories were with totally new characters. The play ran 2 hours 20 minutes with 1 intermission. The group of actors on the stage were quite convincing in their roles. Overall, I enjoyed the show very much. I would go to see it again.