Captain Klutzo Strikes Again

Let me start this off by saying....I will be the first to admit, I was born with 2 left feet. And by that I mean, I am a complete klutz!

Last Sunday, I was woken up by the dog around 6am. That is the norm around here, she usually gets up between 3 and 6am. Me on the other hand, I am a night owl. The night before I went to bed around 2am. So I was woken up with only 4 hours of sleep. I took the dog out and she did her business outside. The problem is that I have to be at work at 9am. So instead of going back to sleep (and sleeping through my alarm, which I have done many times), I decide to do a load of laundry.

So still half-asleep, I grab a laundry basket full of clothes, the detergent and a handful of quarters. The washer/dryer are located in the basement of this old apartment building. To get to the basement, you have to go down very steep concrete steps located outside. Now, half way down the steps, my "2 left feet syndrome" kicks in, I somehow missed a step, and end up falling down. As I am trying to stop the fall, I throw the laundry basket (full of dirty jeans and detergent). After the embarrassing event ends, I realize that I didn't break anything. But my left knee and both elbows are missing some skin. The elbows were pretty minor, but my left knee is missing 2 chunks of skin (both about the size of a silver dollar). Luckily, at 6am, nobody else was awake to watch my stupidity. So for the rest of the day, I limp around, reminded of the event by the pain in my left knee.

Later that night, I went with D (the ex) to a dinner at a nice steakhouse. There is a local group of gay men that meet once a month for dinner. I have never been able to attend because they meet on the first Monday night of each month, and I work every Monday night. This month, they were meeting on Sunday because they were meeting a similar group from Lafayette, Indiana, that meets on Sundays. D and I have never been to one of these dinners, so we knew nobody there. While eating my steak, there was a little bit of pain in one of my front teeth. When I got home, I flossed my teeth and realized that one of my teeth was loose. I unknowingly must have hit my mouth on the laundry basket when I threw it. So on Monday, I made an appointment with my dentist for Tuesday. While the tooth hurt, the pain wasn't that bad. But by Monday night, the pain had become unbearable. Luckily, I still have some pain killers from my last visit to the doctor for my sciatic nerve. Only after taking those pain killers was I able to fall asleep.

While at the dentist, he says he needs a new set of x-rays of my teeth. After taking a look at the loose tooth, he informs me the tooth is infected and there is a good chance that I could lose the tooth. Great! He prescribed some antibiotics and pain killers for me. I am to meet him again next week so we can discuss the plan of what to do with my teeth. He says I will have to go see as specialist, and the specialist will know more about if they can save the tooth or not. But long story short, for the past few days I have been in some extreme pain all over my body (knee, elbows and teeth). And instead of seeing the dentist, maybe I should see a doctor about my 2 left feet.


Ms. Val said...

OMG, Craig, you are living my worst nightmare. I'm always having dreams that my teeth are falling out. Get yourself better soon. BTW, I hope to meet you at conference in July. I bought my ticket last week.