A Christmas Party and A New Date :)

Last night (January 6th) the store I work at held a Christmas party. It is a little late for the party, but I am used to that from when I worked at the bar and catered. Both jobs were super busy until after the new year, so we always had our celebration after the 1st. The surprising part is the fact that I have worked for this same company for 5 years and this is the first party they have had for us. So that was nice.

We were allowed one date for the party. I took along a guy I have been chatting with online for a few weeks now. I was quite a bit nervous, it has been many years since I have been on a real date. The last 2 relationships I have been in both just happened, no real dating involved. There was a small amount of dating before the last one, but nothing serious. So on the way to the Christmas party, I stopped to pick up G (the new date). I have only seen a few pics of him before last night, and he is a very good looking guy. I was very nicely surprised when I picked him up last night, he is a real hottie! :)

So we went to the company shindig, had some drinks (PLEASE!!! No more Mojo!!!) ate some good pizza and had a good time. We went back to his place to chat for awhile. It is always nice to meet somebody for the first time and like them right away. Overall, I had a great time...and I hope he did too.