2008 part 2

I did join the YMCA today! :) I didn't get enough time to workout though. But tomorrow I will go in before work and do some. My goal is to lost about 30 pounds by my birthday (June 7th). So far in the past 2 months, I have lost about 40 pounds. But I have hit that plateau and can't seem to move on. So I am going to start going to the gym again. I also want to start eating better. I have gotten into a bad habit when and what I eat. I am not a good diet person, so I don't want to put limits on myself like that. But just try and be more aware of how often and what I am eating.

As for other goals for 2008, my partner and I are in the process of going our separate ways. So I am currently in the process of finding a new place to live. My goal is to move most of my stuff into a storage shed within the next few weeks. And when I get my tax refund (probably mid February), to move totally out. It will be hard to leave this house, this is the first time in quite a few years that I have felt like I had a home.

I still need to start selling off a lot of the Fiesta I have been collecting. I still have quite a collection of Post 86 in a closet downstairs. These are mainly odds and ends that local stores have had on clearance. Some discontinued colors in there. Also some stuff I bought when a local store went out of business. I am thinking about starting to weed out my Vintage Fiesta collection too. I love the look of the dishes, but I have never used my vintage for anything except display. I have so much post 86 dishes that I use, I don't ever feel like using the vintage.

Another goal I have is to start being more sociable. Not that I am totally friendless, but I know that I am a very shy person. I am going to start by trying to post more often on this blog. I also would like to start meeting some of the people from the Fiesta message boards. I am hoping to attend the HLCCA conference in Minnesota this summer. It would be my first time if I make it. But with me moving out on my own, money will be tight....so I will have to really try and save up for it.


Ms. Val said...

First of all, great job on the weight loss!!!! You've done good, my friend. I've dropped a few pounds by not keeping soda in the house. Eating slower helps, too.

Second, I'm sorry about your break-up and impending move. I wish you much luck.

Third, I hope you do make it to the HLCCA conference! I'll most likely be there. DeniseNM and Becca hyped it up so much that I have to see what its like for myself.

Happy New Year!