My Visit with Charry

The Fiesta message board,Collectible Medium Green (CMG), that I frequent is having a little fun with a Chartreuse 10" vase, that we have named Charry. Charry is being sent to different CMG members around the country. They take pictures of Charry around local attractions in their area. My turn came up recently, and this was my visit with Charry.

The other day, I had double the surprise when Charry and the Dish Fairy both visited. Charry said he was feeling a little bit claustrophobic and wanted to get out and stretch his "legs" after the long trip from California. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't cooperating very well. Luckily, a few days later, the sun made a nice and very welcomed visit! So I took Charry to one of my favorite places in town, the Wandell Sculpture Park at Meadowbrook Park. This is where I love to go bicycling or walking.

Charry was a little bit nervous after meeting some of the "folks" that love to hang out at the park.

Next, we came upon a naked woman, and poor Charry had no idea what to think of this place.

Charry couldn't get away from the naked woman fast enough! But he was a bit curious about the couple he found around the corner. They seemed to be in the middle of some sensual dance.

Next up was this pair, who looked like they might be in the middle of some fight. Charry tried to get in the middle of them and break them up, but they were much bigger. So Charry decided to leave them alone.

But soon after we left the more colorful people of the park, we came across a HUGE rabbit. Charry thought he had died and gone to chocolate easter egg heaven, but I warned him about those "chocolate" eggs. They might not taste very well!

After seeing such a big rabbit, Charry wasn't a bit surprised to see such a big bear. Of course, Charry wanted to know why the bear was sitting on a pine cone. Unfortunately, even I could not answer this question. I just let know Charry that we are a bit different around here. ;D

Charry had a good time checking out some of the other sculptures around the park.

And Charry was already to play when he found this group of kids having fun. This colorful bunch welcomed him right away and he couldn't believe he had finally met some people that were almost as bright as him.

After the kids had gone away, Charry was still in a playful mood. He decided to play a little hide-and-seek.

We were having so much fun, Charry never noticed the signs of keeping off of the sculptures. Luckily, we made a quick exit before anybody kicked us out of the park.

After all of the walking and playing around, Charry was ready to go back into his box for his next adventure. So Charry was sent on his merry way!
(Please note: your computer has to be facing the right direction for the arrow to match up to where Charry is visiting next!)


Becky said...

Craig, looks like you and Charry had a faboulous time. I'd love to visit this sculpture garden, too! Thanks for posting on your blog about his travels. I didn't think about doing that when he was here.

Also like your little end pic with the arrow.

RainbowDishes said...

Thanks Becky. I had a blast with Charry and Douglass, my ex. I needed to borrow his camera for my Charry Adventure. My camera is on it's last leg and I need to decide what I want in the next one.

We had a great time on our walk. Douglass was a great sport about it, even though he never did understand my Fiesta obsession.