Vote NO on Prop8

The original video had some problems, so here is the YouTube version with 3 others.

You think you can just do what to that hot california constitution?
The No on Prop8 has come out with a good takeoff of the Mac/PC commercials that deals with upcoming Prop8 in California. As far as I am concerned, this ranks up there right behind the Presidential race as one of the most important issues this election. And I am not even from California! If this is to pass, that would be a huge strike for equality.

I am not sure how gay marriage would hurt heterosexuals, but the religious right wants you to believe that this will destroy marriage for everybody. Honestly, if 2 men (or 2 woman) marrying down the street is going to make a heterosexual marriage fail, well that heterosexual marriage has more problems than the gays down the street. The only thing that would happen if this doesn't pass, is that 2 loving committed adults will be able to marry, regardless of their sexual orientation. The world isn't going to end. The sky isn't going to turn purple. California won't fall into the ocean. And God isn't going to strike us all dead with lightning bolts. Come on, Massachusetts has had gay marriages for a few years now and life went on.
So my statement to the religious right...
These PSA ads were all made by HOMOtracker , a small group of gays and lesbians that are in the entertainment industry.

With Margaret Cho & Selene Luna

With Molly Ringwald

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Ms. Val said...

There's a similar marriage initiative on the ballot here in Arizona--Proposition 102.

It's become a huge issue here since much of our population is...shall we say part of the religious right. There are many "Yes on 102" signs on lawns throughout the neighborhood. The prig that Q carpools with even has one in his yard.

Vote NO on Proposition 102

Yes For Marriage

Christopher said...

Sigh...I miss Molly Ringwald. It is good to know that all those years after she rejected the romantic advances of Ducky Dale, who was clearly a homosexual, she still knows and loves the gays.

RainbowDishes said...

Yeah, Florida and Arizona are both having the same Marriage Ban elections. But it is the California one that is getting all the limelight. I hope we win on at least one of them. I guess California is the one we really need to defeat, that is the big one and they already have gay marriages. I am not a big political activist, but I do feel the need to talk about this. Honestly, 5 years ago, I would have never believed that gay marriage would be possible.

And Christopher, I love Molly Ringwald, even though she did hang around with Ducky. LOL I think she is in some new tv series this y ear, but I couldn't tell you the name or channel. I am glad she is back!

Reuven said...

Here's a danger we haven't seen much talk about: Will Proposition 8 Legalize Polygamy?