Random Searches That Led Them To Me

Here is some recent search keywords that brought people to this blog. I sometimes wonder what people were thinking or what they were really looking for.

First up, Fiesta and Rainbow Dish searches, obvious why I get a lot of those:
  • homer laughlin dishes sold in grocery stores (wouldn't that be nice if they still did that)
  • rainbow fiesta dish
  • rainbow dishes
  • fiesta day plates (as opposed to fiesta night plates?)

The next biggest group is always music related:
  • tina cousing brave for life brave for peace lyrics (um, her name is Cousins is cousing something hillbilly cousins to do togehter?)
  • you look like a dick to me olivia (geez, I thought she always looked nice)
  • couldn't give a boo lyrics betty boo lyrics
  • plastic case very pet shop boys 

And the rest are just random ones:
  • ashmore park library (I found out this was a place in Great Britian, but my hometown of Ashmore has a crappy park and no library....surely not what they were looking for)
  • flash video fixer 
  • champaign ymca sauna (I know what you were looking for...dirty old man  LOL)
  • brokeback trek (such a great video...I need to go rewatch that)
  • 40th birthday goals (to live to your 41st birthday?)
  • opened (HUH?)
  • palin heaven <--That would be GAY HELL!!!