ClassifiedAds Up and Running

In the past few days I have added an online classified ads section. It allows anybody to post for sale, for trade or want ads. The best part is that it is totally free!

Right now it is set up for selling dishes (yeah, I collect them!) I am not opposed to adding different categories though.

The program I am using is free, so there isn't a lot of customization to it. In the future, if this works out, I will be looking into buying a version where I can control it a bit better.

The whole idea about adding this comes from when I was talking to a fellow dish collector in the chatroom on the message board where we both belong. She doesn't want to start her own website to sell some stuff, but she would like a place to do it easily and cheaply. Plus, there are a lot of people getting fed up with Ebay's rising seller fees and outrageous policy changes.

I am hoping this works out....if you have any thoughts or suggestions, please message me. Thanks.


Ms. Val said...

Alright! Another Craig's List!

I'm sorry. I couldn't let that go. :-)

RainbowDishes said...

LOL....I hadn't thought about that. Maybe I should look into that name! LOL