2 Years Later = 100

Happy 100th Post!

Wow, I have had too much time on my hands lately. But not only is today post number 100, it is also the 2nd anniversary of this blog. It sure hasn't been a full 2 years though. The original post was on Sept. 10, 2006. I had a few more posts, but they were mainly YouTube videos and useless crap. All of those YouTube videos had been pulled off of YouTube, so I ended up with a lot of posts of nothing. It wasn't until October, 10, 2007 (over a year after the original post) that I went through and cleaned up this blog. I deleted all of the posts except for the original. And I began to post again. It was very slow at first. A few posts that October. A few more in November. But I posted every month since then (except for March 2008...I think I was held hostage that month by Kirstie Alley and group of midget drag queens).

I totally redid the layout of this blog in June 2008. I have also been continually tinkering with the layout and widgets. For the most part I really like what I did, but I could live without the comment section. So within the next few months, I am going to start reworking the layout. I want to go back to the original layout and then add some of the widgets I did like. It seems that everytime I want to redo this blog, it is because it has gotten "over crowded". Right now I think there is way too much stuff in the side bar to the right. I would like to clean up some of that. But at the same time, I need to work on the content of this blog. While I enjoy writing about my life, I realize that my life is B-O-R-I-N-G! I haven't decided on the direction I want to take this blog. I might not change this blog and instead start a new one that I can do in a different style. Gay politics and gossip aren't my style, even though I enjoy reading them. Plus, there are plenty of fantastic blogs already on those topics. So I will have to give this some more thought.  And I have yet to actually write about the original topic of this blog....FIESTA!!!  So I think my next post will be about what got me started with Fiesta.