Here is a bitchy note: Work has been super crazy lately! I am the assistant manager of 2 stores (long story short, my company runs 2 different stores in the same building, but the 2 stores share the same management team). We currently have about 15 employees between the 2 stores. Out of those 15 people, 4 of us are having back problems at the same time! My back problems have been on and off for about 6 or 7 years now. This episode of back pain has been the worst by far. It has lasted for about 5 weeks now!

One of the other people from work with a back problem is my boss. I know many years ago, he broke his back, but until recently, he has never really had problems with his back. In the past 2 weeks, he has worked maybe 30 (that is being generous) hours. So I have been having to do a lot of his work. I don't normally have a problem with that, but I am in the same boat as him right now. I have yet to miss a day of work. I just keep popping those lovely pain killers all day long. Amazingly, my boss went to a chiropractor yesterday, and he was walking just fine after the chiropractor visit. And his amazing recovery yesterday was just in time for his weekend off. OH YES, even though he has missed so much work in the past 2 weeks, he still is going to take this weekend off! Something smells like a rat! UGH!!!

Here is a happier note: When my back pain was at the worst, about 4 to 6 times a day I was popping up to 7 pills at a time (4 ibuprofen, 1 muscle relaxer, 1 steroid and 1 vicodin). But within the last few days, I have been feeling a little bit better. I noticed that I am taking the pain killers a lot less. For the most part I take some in the morning and then I only take ibuprofen during the rest of the day if needed.

And now I am calm again: Since I have been in pain and/or drugged out for the past 5 weeks, the ol' homestead (apartment) needs a little sprucing up. I am off work tomorrow, so my plans include, cleaning up the apartment, taking the dog for a nice walk, cleaning out my car, update my blog, taking some pics (for future blog postings) and just having a nice relaxing day. I might head to the gym for a bit too.