In the beginning - The Creation

Who knows why...maybe it is the end of summer or the fact that fall is on it's way, but something has possessed me to start a new website. Most likely it is the fact I have a storage room full of stuff that needs to be sold.

The last website did pretty good. I had put a ton of work (hours) into the project, but it was something that was supposed to be for Mikey and me together. Before I met Mikey, he was a workaholic, working at least 80 hours a week. In 1998, he was rushed to the hospital to find out that he had 2 heart attacks within about 12 hours. He was only 30 years old. This put a major blow to his workaholic lifestyle. That is when I came into his life. I started working for the same company that he did. We got to spend a lot of time together. Things were going really smoothly until the company decided to close down our store. He was transferred to another store in town, I was given the option of transferring to a store over an hour away. Of course they were also nice enough to not pay for my mileage or time...they even offered me a big paycut to keep my job. Needless to say, I didn't stay with that job for very long.

With all the time I suddenly had on my hands, I created FiestaBoy.com. In the 4 years that Mikey and I had together, Fiesta was something that we both loved. He had quickly learned the names of all the colors and shapes. We went to two of the outlet sales at the Homer Laughlin factory in West Virginia. And a road trip was never complete until we could check out the Fiesta in the antique and department stores.

In the spring of 2004, Mikey had another heart attack. This time he didn't make it. That was the end of FiestaBoy.com. As hard as I tried to rekindle that interest in the website, I only saw Mikey. Depression set in quickly and it took awhile to shake it off. I still didn't have a job. I was putting all of my time and effort into FiestaBoy.com. We had been living off of Mikey's income for quite awhile now. I had to leave the place where Mikey and I lived. I moved in with my sister for awhile, that was a stupid move on my part. We weren't real close before that, and with me being in the state of mind I was in at the time, we weren't going to be any closer then either. I started having problems with Mikey's family soon after he died. Needless to say, I don't talk to them anymore.

Life has gotten better. Most of the problems I was having with Mikey's family are done, they are in the past and still don't hear from them, but it is all over. I have met a wonderful guy, he has totally changed my life for the better. We bought a house together last year. And just today we adopted a new dog.

We get to pick her up on Wednesday. I am back working with the same company that Mikey and I both worked for before. Totally all new people in the company from the Vice President in charge our my department all the way down. Things with my sister are pretty much the same, but definitely not any worse than before. Maybe all the positives right now are giving me false optimism, or it could just be gas...who knows....but things are going great right now. And with that, a new website has begun. It won't be up and running for awhile, but RainbowDishes.com is on the way. YAY!!!


Mother Jones RN said...

You have a cute dog. I also love Fiesta dinnerware, and I'll be watching your new website as it comes to life.